Help I'm In A Rocket And The Music's Way Loud (Also Asteroids)

The name madness continues.

Help I’m In A Rocket etc. etc. was not only very fun to make, it also was made for a gamejam, specifically LowRezJam 2016.

This game is, in a way, a spiritual successor to Ultra Electronic Ascension, since a lot of its core mechanics and technical implementation are based on what I learned from making UEA — for example, to always hand-author beatmaps.

On the other hand, Help etc. was, undoubtly, the culmination of the naming convention that been budding so far. An exorcism of sorts.

I’d like to remake it some time, and expand on what’s already there.

  • Flash (Haxe + HaxeFlixel)
  • Rhythm/Action